Who Is Responsible for Creating the License Laws

B. If the licensee provides the information leaflet of the form to the purchaser, the licensee is not required to provide additional information about mould. The information contained in the mold information brochure is considered sufficient to inform the buyer of common mold-related hazards that may affect the property. (c) Every person who obtains an initial real estate broker`s licence must complete forty-five hours of training within one hundred and eighty days after the initial date of the licence. These hours must cover matters requested by the Commission, including, but not limited to, laws, rules and regulations, finance and fund management. Post-licensing lessons may be used during the full year to meet eight hours of the annual continuing education requirement of twelve hours; However, the hours of training following the licence must not correspond to the subject of compulsory training defined by the Commission. One. The licensee shall not pay any commission or compensation to any person who has not previously obtained a licence or registration in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. This subdivision does not apply to non-resident brokers currently licensed in their State of residence. How should a licensee be informed of allegations made against it by the Commission? 2. A broker or associate seller whose sponsorship has ended is entitled to a transfer of licence upon presentation of a form indicating the transfer to a new broker against commission and payment of the required remuneration. (6) Every employee employed by a licensed real estate agent for and on behalf of the owner of property that the licensed broker has contractually managed for the owner, if the employee is limited in his or her employment, (19) Knowingly allowing a sponsored licensee to act as an individual real estate agent. What is the maximum amount of payments that can be made for judgment-based claims against a licensee? B.

Any licensee or licensee who does not renew on time may subsequently renew upon payment of the relevant renewal and late fees and upon submission of a complete renewal application. The late renewal period of an expired licence or registration shall be limited to the period of three months immediately following the expiry date of the active licence or registration. Failure to renew an expired licence or registration within this three-month period will result in the loss of renewal rights and will require the former licensee or licensee to apply as the first applicant and meet all the requirements of a first applicant. No person, partnership, limited liability company, association or corporation, foreign or domestic, acting as a franchisor may enter into a franchise agreement with a real estate agent in that state unless the franchisor has appointed a licensed real estate agent in Louisiana to act as a representative in that state. A.(1) Prior to the censorship, suspension or revocation of any license, registration or certification, or the imposition of continuing education requirements, the Louisiana Real Estate Commission shall, except for the reasons set forth in R.S. 37:1463(G), give written notice to the licensee or registered or certified of the fees charged at least twenty days before the date fixed for the hearing. and gives him the opportunity to be heard in person or through a lawyer. Notification is sufficient for a copy of the fees to be sent by registered letter to the address of the licensee, registrant or certificate holder on file with the Commission, or by Commission staff who provide a copy of the fees to the licensee, application holder or certificate holder. D.

The Commission shall not intervene in disputes between licensees or registration holders concerning the right or payment of commissions, fees or indemnities in connection with the sale or lease of real estate. State and local entities have established the right to regulate adult bookstores and related businesses engaged in expressive activities through licensing, although these businesses clearly enjoy First Amendment protections. If the Commission lays charges against a licensee, the licensee must be notified at least __ days before the date of the hearing. 5. An application for transfer to active status submitted by an inactive licensee shall be accompanied by payment of the prescribed fee and proof of completion of the applicable hours of training. But as the Supreme Court did in Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham (1969), “a law which subjects the exercise of First Amendment freedoms to the prior limitation of a licence, without narrow, objective and unambiguous standards guiding the licensing authority, is unconstitutional.” Licenses must not be “dependent on the unchecked will of an official” and “a person faced with such an unconstitutional licensing law can ignore it and exercise with impunity the right to freedom of expression for which the law is supposed to require a license.” 5. When designating a new qualified broker, the outgoing qualified broker shall make available to the new designated qualified broker the custody of the licences of all sponsored licence holders.

B. 1. Instead of fulfilling all the recovery conditions set out in paragraphs 1 to 5 of subsection A, the Commission may authorise the aggrieved party to make a request by means of a notarial affidavit containing all the facts relevant to the application, where the application is based on the acts of one or more licensees: sanctioned by the Commission in the context of legal proceedings. The record confirms the affidavit filed by the plaintiff, and the amount of the claim does not exceed two thousand dollars. (13) Offer incentives or otherwise encourage a party to enter into a written contract involving the sale, lease or management of real estate to breach that contract in order to replace a new contract with another principal or licensee. One. Every permit holder whose licence is suspended or revoked under this chapter is deemed to be an unauthorized person during the period of suspension or cancellation and is liable to penalties imposed on persons who do not hold a licence if the holder carries on an activity subject to authorization during the period of suspension or cancellation. The Commission retains jurisdiction over all persons who do not hold a licence with respect to offences against the provisions of this chapter and the application thereof. ยง1449.1 Obligation of Real Estate Licensees to Use Purchase Agreement Forms A. Every certificate or registration issued under this Chapter shall be issued for a period of one year and shall expire on the thirty-first day of December following the date of its issue. Each licence, certificate or registration is renewed annually.