JPods networks are solar-powered, producing zero pollution.

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JPods networks are quick. Traveling from origin to destination on-demand and non-stop provides the shortest trip times in urban environments.

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JPods networks are grade separated, removing existing traffic risks. Networks also comply with Georgia ASTM F24 standards that have a 50,000-times better safety record than roads (0.2 versus 11,200 injuries per million).

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By removing the Parasitic Mass of the vehicle and repetitive start-stops, costs are cut 90%.

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Since 1993

On-demand Mobility

Time is limited. It is important for people to go from their origin to their destination non-stop.

JPods networks combine the 400+ ton-mpg efficiency of freight railroads with the on-demand service of the Internet to chauffeur you where you want to go, when you want to go there.


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