Amc Legal Consulting Miriam Ojaghi 630-849-9950 AMC Accounting Solutions, based in Naperville and Chicago, is a full-service accounting and tax firm for individuals and small and large businesses. GAC provides services such as filing tax returns in one or more states, accounting, financial reporting, QuickBook implementation and customization, payroll, and budget analysis. As a small business with over 15 years of successful business, AMC Accounting Solutions prides itself on keeping its clients informed and meeting their diverse needs. We have a dedicated staff that provides top-notch customer service, which ultimately reduces the time spent by our clients and relieves the stress associated with taxes and accounting. Glen Kato 312-339-1731 Anne Marie Craighead Resilient Mind Consulting was founded to help individuals and communities develop resilience and realize their potential by integrating social and emotional learning into contemplative practice. Our services include comprehensive advice to identify gaps and opportunities Michele Fenton is the master craftsman and owner of Tupelo Lane Designs. She trained with world-renowned cabinet refiners and honed her skills for many years. Your cabinets will look like beautiful furniture. We are professional artists with over 20 years of experience as djs.

We take care of all kinds of events: weddings, corporate events, school dances, birthday parties, holiday events and much more! As there are no limits to the type of events we organize, it gives us the opportunity and knowledge to read the crowds, know all kinds of music and create the right atmosphere for your event. Metropolitan Brewing, LLC Tracy SETA BioMedicals was founded in 2008 with the goal of producing and marketing reliable, high-quality fluorescent tools (dyes, probes, labels and tandems) for the biomedical sector and entering into strategic alliances with partner companies. Angela Thornton 773-835-8400 A Royal Paint provides expert painting services for the entire Fox Valley area. We are fully licensed and insured and only hire professional and experienced painters. Our guests appreciate the royal treatment. We pay attention to details that many others don`t even think about! We support our customer satisfaction guarantee and no order is completed until the customer has declared it completed! We have a dedicated customer service representative and design professional who is ready to support our customers. James Martin 708-548-6316 Barbara Wichman 866-662-5340 We are an online retail site that offers greeting cards and posters for dogs. Our mission is to help professional services companies discover and develop their competitive advantage so that they can achieve their business goals and realize their dreams. We work with clients to plan and think strategically, resulting in successful businesses with less stress for owners and managers. Our team of experts sat on the client`s side and the consultant`s side of the table.

We have worked in both the public and private sectors. We have built relationships across our industry and use our network to get additional information and insight into our work. We will approach the solution of problems with you by bringing these diverse perspectives and evaluating the solutions accordingly. Awesome Angie Engstrom`s passion is to simplify the complex issues of professional and personal life. You have 86,400 seconds a day. How you use those seconds is crucial to doing more now and impacting today`s world. There is an unwavering mission in Awesome Angie`s soul to initiate change, empower and influence others to accomplish more and less time so that they can intentionally live their lives for more productivity and play. 1001 East Chicago Suite 103 Naperville, Illinois 60540 630-848-1197 We are proud of what we do and this assures the customer that we offer you no less than 100% commitment. Our attention to detail and to you, our client, allows us to customize your event to work for you.

Chicago Spine Institute, P.C. 16622 W. 159th St., Suite 500 Lockport, IL 60441 (815) 838-7746 Contact: Dr. Loren Davis 233 S. Wacker, 84th Floor Chicago, Illinois 60606 312-283-8777 My name is Janet Novotny. As a spiritual/holistic mentor, I support the healing process of people who have experienced abuse or eating disorders so that they can find deep peace and happiness that they didn`t even know possible. Home Education Specialist – Tricia Dunn Consulting will work with you to guide you through your homeschooling. Tricia combines her knowledge as a primary and special education teacher, as well as her wisdom of over 15 years of experience in homeschooling, to help many families find the best solution for them. Online Parenting Courses – Tricia offers online parenting classes so you can move around at your own pace and comfortably in your own space. Tricia Dunn is a live event and workshop presenter.

Tricia is passionate about sharing tools, information and techniques that have made a difference in her life. She talks about various topics. We offer an apprenticeship for the real estate professional. Our courses are concise and bring it to the point that is available to you on the way, when and when you need it. Have you always wanted to try meditation but don`t have time or can`t sit still? Are your muscles sore from this difficult workout? Are you struggling with arthritis or chronic pain? Sit back and float in our spacious rooms. Let go and let your body soak up all the amazing benefits of hydrating magnesium sulfate salt. Metropolitan Brewing is a production microbrewery based in Chicago. Craft beer drinkers are trapped in a delicious whirlwind of flavors, flavors, and beer styles at the bar of the limits offered by American craft brewers. At Metropolitan, we`d like to invite a little balance to the party. The sweet and sweet aromas and dry finish of German lagers are the basis of Metropolitan beers.

Of course, we can`t help but twist things in our own way. We are, after all, the submissive lackeys of craft beer. AniccA Float Club is the first place to swim in the suburbs of Chicago! We are the first tank club in the country to offer 4 float rooms. We provide you with everything you need for the best float experience possible. Janet Nolvotny 630-951-8059 Duke`s Oil Service, LLC. is a family business that has operated since 1923. We have been providing our services to the Chicago community and surrounding suburbs for over 85 years. Dub Smith 630-401-6218 Amy is passionate about providing retirement solutions to retirees and those approaching retirement. She has been active in her industry since 2004. Amy has served on several advisory committees, including Genworth Financial and MultiState Insurance Company. In addition to serving her clients, Amy has trained other agents and enjoys taking a team approach with other professionals to find solutions to client needs. Amy is licensed in multiple states and is an independent authorized agent for multiple companies.

Amy is a graduate of Western Michigan University and strives to continually expand her skills by working with industry organizations such as Women in Insurance & Finance (WIFS). Angie Engstrom 630-965-6999 Trevor Gibbs 312-399-0584 We offer chiropractic services as well as advanced spinal traction, massage therapy, rehabilitation and other complementary therapies. Our goal is to focus on the root of the pain, not just the treatment or management of symptoms. Erwald Terpetschnig, PhD, D. 217-417-2160 Amy`s goal is to build long-term relationships of trust with her clients. She works hard to ensure that you are fully protected and that you understand your available options. She strives to provide her clients with accessible expertise and an honest, thoughtful and problem-solving approach in the complex and potentially confusing world of retirement. Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success Jean LaVallie Frank Giacobbe 773-625-6996 Michele Fenton 630-200-3295 That`s why our founders developed a fast and data-driven training. Our trainers use a 20-minute training method based on proprietary technology. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology, they measure the abilities of our customers, motivate ideal efforts and manage a successful transformation of personal fitness. Morgan Homes works side by side with each home buyer to create a timeless architectural design that transforms a home into their home by talking about their individual lifestyle and environment. SoConnected LLC Cindy Tschosik SETA BioMedicals is interested in partnerships for the joint development of new products in the biomedical field.

If you have a new product idea that concerns one of our fluorescent reagents, please contact us at or call us at 217 417 2160.