Age Legal Pour Bsr

Similarly, if you want to drive alone, a 50 is enough. But two at the top, it will be painful, it will not progress. When it comes to doing duo often, it`s better to have a 125th ditto if you often carry heavy luggage. If you were born© before 1988, you do not need a driver`s title to drive a moped: titleContent or a four-wheeler with©motor: titleContent. In addition, you do not need the BSR (category©AM) if you already have© another category© of license (e.g. license B) or a European©title in: titleContent. © People who are interested in the AM driving license (e.g. BSR) and therefore mainly want to drive a scooter must be at least 14 years old. For a light quad with four wheels, it`s the same age. However, you have to be careful, because there is a nuance, whether for the scooter or the quad. The moped must be less than 50 cm3.

No, you need the BSR. The BSR is obliged to, from 1. January 2004 for any person aged 16, i.e. born after 1 January 1988, to carry a motorized two-wheeler of less than 50 cm3. Similarly, passing the road traffic test (known as etg, general theory test) to prepare for a driver`s license or accompanied driving does not give you the right to drive a moped. In short, there is no rule, the insurance rate depends not only on the vehicle, but also on the geographical location and the file of the parents (for minors). However, for persons born before 1988, it is no longer necessary: “The obligation to keep the BSR to drive a moped over 16 years of age and a car from the age of 16 applies only to persons born from 1 January 1988. If the driver was born before 1 January 1988, no driving licence or road safety certificate is required. If the driver after the 1.

Born in January 1988, he must hold the BSR. Hello, my son has the AM or BSR license for 3 years, I pass my car driver`s license. If I have this approval, can I validate my 125 permit or do I also have to wait 2 years? Hello C BM You are prohibited from driving a two-wheeled engine, regardless of its displacement, if you are in the accompanied driving phase. Legally, you only own the ASSR2, which does not allow you to drive a two-wheeled engine. You must pass the BSR with additional practical courses to be able to drive a 50 cm3. ©However, check the minimum age© to drive a moped: titleContent or a four-wheeled©vehicle with motor: titleContent. However, two-wheelers with a 50 cm3 motor are structurally limited to 45 km/h. Letting them drive faster is an offense punishable by six months in prison and a fine of 7500 euros, without taking into account the seizure and destruction of the vehicle. In addition, in the event of an accident, the insurance company will refuse any compensation, whether you are a victim or responsible.

Hello, I am between 17 and 18 years old, it is possible for me to drive a 50 cc, before my 18 years, without the bsr but with the driving license thanks to the accompanied driving (even if I can not drive a car alone before my 18 years). From what I was able to verify, you need the BSR to drive an e-Solex, the electric Solex. This is confirmed by the manufacturer. From there, if you need the BSR to drive an electric Solex that does not exceed 35 km/h, this is also necessary for the traditional Solex. A comparison is fast, free and without obligation. From the age of 14, if you hold the BSR, you can consult the car and motorcycle insurance offers to lower the price of the premium while obtaining protection guarantees that meet your needs. The road safety certificate (for driving a moped from the age of 14) was made compulsory on 17 November 1997. The A1 license (from 16 years old) is carried out with the same tests as the A license.

Triple advantage:1- if you then pass the A license, you only have to complete 15 hours of instruction instead of at least 20 hours;2- on the insurance side, you benefit from a higher seniority on two wheels;3- by passing the A1 driving license and by an accompanied journey (early learning to drive) for the driving license B, you shorten your probationary period to two years after receiving the license B. Only people who were admitted before the 31. Born in December 1987, the BSR do not need to drive a 50 cm3 moped.